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Personal Package

Please ask our spa host to assist you in creating your desired spa experience or indulge in any of the choices below:

Balinese Massage and Mini Facial

Balinese Massage and Body Scrub

Balinese Massage and Body Mask

Manicure and Mini Facial

Body Scrub, Body Mask and Mini Facial

90 minutes
IDR 620.000

Beauty Balance

Awaken your senses and tone your body with this rich cocoa and milk treatment.

Locally grown cocoa gently exfoliate and draws out impurities and the milk deeply conditions – a triple combination that gives skin a vivacious glow and toned appearance. Treatment includes our 60-minute massage; a cocoa body scrubs, milk body mask and then finished off with choice of herbal or flower bath.


150 minutes
IDR 950.000

The Lokha Escape

Balinese Lulur is an ancient village remedy originating from the rice farmers of Bali.

It has been handed down through generations and is recognized as a traditional medicine, believed to help warm the body, relieve aching joints and help treat skin problems. Herbs of sandalwood, fennel seed, star anise, eaglewood and fenugreek create this powerful healing remedy. Treatment includes a 60-minute Balinese Massage, a traditional Lulur body scrub, a skin-softening Boreh body mask,

a brightening mini facial and a choice of flower or herbal bath.


180 minutes
IDR 1.200.000

The Lokha Ubud - Resort, Villas & Spa

Br. Bangkiangsidem, Desa Keliki Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali - Indonesia

+62 361 8493367


Bali Arts Festival

Kontestan Miss World

Art Painting Exhibition

Ubud Hosts Royal Cremation


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WOS River Spa

Wos River Spa is a sanctuary for personal indulgence with a carefully crafted menu of body and beauty rituals that honour Bali’s age-old healing legacy. The spa features standard treatment rooms as well as open-air pavilions by the river for body, mind and spirit rejuvenation. Wos River Spa takes a holistic approach to wellness and therapists are expertly trained in the intuitive art of touch. They use naturally sourced ingredients such as local fruits, flowers and essential oils to nurture the skin and instil an overall feeling of deep relaxation.


Wos River Spa

Wos River Spa

Wos River Spa

Wos River Spa

Wos River Spa

Wos River Spa

Wos River Spa

SPA > The Package



Dream for Two by 
Share the romantic moment to celebrate love. Slip away in the devine fruits tropical aroma for and unforgettable spa romantic hide-away.

Sequence: Tropical Body Massage – Tropical Body Scrub – Express Botanical Facial – Flower Bath

150 minutes
IDR 2.100.000

Bliss to Share by 
A pure bliss spa experience to cherish love. Refine as new, the whole spa journey talk about bliss and love.

Sequence: Body Massage – Chocolate Body Scrub – Flower Bath

120 minutes
IDR 630.000

Tropical Jungle Ritual by 
Sequence: Tropical Fruits saltmousse – Tropical body mask – Tropical body massage – Express Botanical facial – tropical flower bath. A head to toe bliss ritual ... The exotic tropical aromas and fruits, and the gentle sound of soothing music, will bathe your senses and lull you into a state of relaxed bliss. Feeling renew and reborn. Tropical heaven in paradise island ...

180 minutes
IDR 1.050.000

Nature's Treasure by 
Sequence: Jojoba & Chamomile scrub – Waterlily wrap - body massage – tropical Flower bath
An unforgettable celebration of nature's treasure. Slip away in the enticing nature's indulgence experience. Leaving you rejuvenated with Waterlily body wrap for radiant and silky to touch skin.

150 minutes
IDR 870.000

Exotic Moor Mud Healing by 
Sequence: Jojoba & Lemon scrub – Moor Mud body mask - body massage – tropical flower bath
Awaken and rejuvenate the skin while recharging and rebalancing the body. As the healing black magma, Moor Mud envelope your body, the rich natural vitamins, enzymes and minerals instantly work on deeper in your skin relieving aches, rheumatism and arthritis.

150 minutes
IDR 870.000

Riverside Escape by 
Sequence: Mango Passionfruit scrub –body massage – Express Botanical facial A mystical spa journey for a truly rejuvenating body and soul while listening to the soothing sound of river water flows. The signature aromatic blend in the ritual to perfectly smooth, purify and renew the skin.

120 minutes
IDR 760.000

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