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Kontestan Miss World

Kesan Mendalam Kontestan Miss World Tinggal di Bali SELAMA di Indonesia, banyak hal yang membuat para kontestan Miss World 2013 terkesan. Tidak hanya soal pemandangan alam ataupun budayanya, tapi juga soal kuliner. Puas mengunjungi Pura Besakih dan Museum Rudana, para kontestan Miss World 2013 lanjut ke acara makan siang di restoran bebek tepi sawah. Putra…

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Art Painting Exhibition

Art Painting Exhibition We were born and raised in Bali, is currently active in art and growing up in Ubud. Art in our opinion is a breath that gives energy to turn our every movement and silent, like oxygen the art of giving a soul on every process of burning calories into motion. Living among…

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Ubud Hosts Royal Cremation

Ubud Hosts Royal Cremation Ubud, the town dubbed the island’s cultural mecca, will host a pelebon (royal cremation) on Tuesday as the Ubud royal family bids farewell to one of its prominent members, Tjokorda Ngurah Wim Sukawati, who served as the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland from 1975 to 1979. Tjokorda Ngurah Wim Sukawati passed away…

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