Art Painting Exhibition

Art Painting Exhibition

We were born and raised in Bali, is currently active in art and growing up in Ubud. Art in our opinion is a breath that gives energy to turn our every movement and silent, like oxygen the art of giving a soul on every process of burning calories into motion. Living among people and cultures that have formed from the centuries the civilization of Bali, between hills and cliffs of the river, paddy fields of Ubud nature that cradles the eyes of every visitor to Bali, no doubt has given a deep impression for every human being who was offended by it.

“Sincerity of Tropical Rain”, is none other than our sincerity will receive a marker of a season that moves at a time. They come and goes like a win in tropical season. It’s a cleansing longing for coolness of prolonged heat weather. Be an inspiration to created, and we proudly presenting to you some of the local artist’s master piece.

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